The company has been recognised on the worldwide market as undiscussed leader for the engineering and the production of very high quality, innovative and technically avant-garde products.

The company is sensitive to the modern needs of the market and aims to improve constantly the efficiency of the offered service. The results of this effort are clearly visible by the customer in these aspects: quick delivery of standard products (average within 2-3 days), customised products (within 10-15 days), quick sampling (within 2-5 days) and quick offer editing (within 2 days).

Since its foundation, the company has decided to produce in Europe with European components.

Since many years the company has been fighting to make aware the trade sector in which it acts of an ethic behaviour, of the use of original products and of the products realization in conformity to the applicable standards.



Ethic behaviour means:

•  fair competition

• customer respect

• competitor respect

• supplier respect

• do not copy other’s products

• place on the market safe products

• give material source

• give the user clear end exhaustive information about the sold product

All this could be summarised with “VII You shall not steal”.



To realize original products, it is not enough that the shape is different, but also that the adopted technical solutions and the applied components are themselves original.

The owner or the management of the company has the difficult task to make his staff aware of this target in order to avoid that the decisions are taken under the misleading circumstance that “something shall be cheaper”.



Production in conformity of the standards. To realize safe products to be place on the market:

• fair competition (on the contrary it would be unfair competition)

• increase the average quality level of the market in order to enhance the non-conforming products